Travel Photographer and Writer based in Westchester County, New York.


my love for portrait photography grew out of my desire to be one of the great street photographers. Having grown up a stone's throw from downtown Manhattan, there was a never-ending stream of opportunity: the chance to capture New York, the city that never sleeps, from a perspective that hasn't been seen before.


What makes new york as powerful as it is, this beast that, if your'e not careful, can swallow you whole, are the people: the 9 million faces you pass on the street that each have a story. That's what my photography represents: a novel within a single image.



Robert Pirsig wrote, "It's a little better to Travel than to arrive."

I'm an avid traveller. I love and understand what makes a good road trip, andThere's nothing better than an afternoon out on my motorcycle for some two-wheeled adventures. As such, my aim is to share not only what i experience on my travels in photos, but also inspire you to get up, book that plane ticket, and go see this big, wondrous world of ours for yourself.

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When I'm not taking photos, and when i'm not on my bike, I'm always keeping active - I've been training jiu jitsu since 2013, and rock climbing since 2014.


I started photographing these two incredibly emotional sports in 2019 with more than half a decade of hands-on experience. I know what to look at, when key moments are going to happen, and how to capture them; I didn't learn that in a book, or studying a video - it's knowledge gained through years of involvement, and that's something that you can't be taught.


So that's it for here, folks. I'm a travel-loving, Rock CLimbing, Jiu Jitsu Fighting Photographer who strives every day to improve my craft, and share the results with my clients. 


To book a shoot (or to just say hi!), please reach out here. Don't forget to follow me on instagram, and please check out my blog where I Share my travel stories, my photography journey, and the many tips & Tricks I've acquired on those fronts.

- Mike Barr