It all started with an idea.

I started riding motorcycles in early 2018, and knew almost immediately that I wanted to take a round the world motorcycle trip. With a head full of dreams, I spent the next three years of my life saving money, Working hard, and carefully plotting a rough line on a map. There were times where it felt like all it would be was a dream; like it would one day be an idea to look back on when i'm older and think, "Hm. I wonder what would have happened."

I've spent a long time working hard trying to make this dream a reality, and the time has finally arrived. I quit my job, sold/gave away all of my belongings, and, on September 1st, 2021, became a motorcycle nomAd. To follow my journey, shoot me a follow on Instagram and Subscribe to my youtube channel. to help out the journey, donate a tank of gas. Lastly, always remember: Achieving your dreams always starts with an idea. GO out and chase it!

The "Rough Route"

I like to call this the "Rough Route", because I don't really believe in strict itinerary's. I'm treating much of this trip in a "go where the wind takes me" fashion. That said, in order to keep myself moving, the rough route and timeline are as follows:


Winter 2021:


After attending a wedding in the adirondacks, I'll be heading up to nova scotia. following that, i'll be headed south to the blue ridge mountains, hanging around on the east coast until the end of October so i can attend my older brother's wedding. immediately after that, i'll be headed out to the west coast to visit my brother who's currently stationed out there. i'll likely be spending winter split between socal (specifically around Joshua Tree National Park as to take advantage of the winter climbing and warm weather) and Dallas, TX with some family.

Spring 2022:

Once spring rolls around, assuming the current COVID situation allows, I'll be headed north up to Alaska to start my trip down the pan american highway. I'll be doing a loop from fairbanks, down to Kenai Fjords NP, then back up through Anchorage and denali before riding the dalton highway up to Prudhoe Bay. THen, I head south.

Summer 2022:

With the warm weather, I'll be spending a good chunk of summer 2022 out enjoying the climbing and hiking scene out in the western part of the us. 

Fall/Winter 2022:

Ideally, I'll be headed south through Latin America in fall/winter 2022 so I can hit the Darien Gap by December. From here, I'll be shipping my bike to south america, likely columbia, as to continue south through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. 

Spring 2023:

"Phase One" of the "Rough Route" ends at the city of Ushuaia - the southernmost city in the world at the tip of South America. THis city marks the southern terminus of the pan american highway. From ushuia, I'll be riding to either Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile. I'll be shipping the bike from one of these locations to Brisbane, Australia.

Summer 2023:

Summer 2023 will likely be spent riding around the souther coast of australia from Brisbane to Darwin. Once in Darwin, I'll be ferrying to Malaysia or Thailand. From here, I'll be riding through southeast asia up to nepal and the himalayas. My goal while here is to ride to Leh Ladakh to explore the mountain passes.

Fall 2023 and Beyond: 

As of my writing this in august 2021, I've got my route planned as far as the Himalayas. From here, I'm still figuring out the overland route up through asia to get to Europe. I also haven't ruled out shipping the bike to south africa. Ultimately, I'd like to do a european tour, ending my journey on the western shores of Portugal.

As you can probably imagine, there's a lot that can happen in these 60,000+ miles over the course of two years. All of these plans are subject to change for that very reason; I don't know how the pandemic is going to play out over the foreseeable future. I don't know what governments are gong to collapse, or what issues are going to pop up on my bike, or what other various issues could arise. But overall, what you just read is where I'll be. I'd love to meet as many of you as possible while I'm on the road, so if you want to meet up, give me shout!