So, You want to purchase a Print.

First thing's first:

Thank you! As a photographer, this idea that someone enjoys my images enough to want to hang them on their wall is incredibly humbling.

I like to take a very "Hand's On" Approach to print sales, which is why I've decided to forego the traditional "Click and Buy"
page, and instead guide you through the purchase process step-by-step.

Step One: Choose a Photo

All of the photos in my Portfolio are available as prints. Additionally, all of the photos on my instagram are available as well!

Step Two: Choose a Size

I always advise clients to purchase the largest print they can. it's simple: larger prints look better than small ones. That said, I know not everyone has the wall space for a huge 36" by 48", so please follow the size/pricing table below:

8" x 10" ~ $50
11" x 14" ~ $100
16" x 20" ~$150
20" x 30" ~ $200
24" x 36" ~ $250

Please note - If you'd like a size not listed above, feel free to let me know! Which leads me to Step three:


Step Three: Contact Me to Order!

Like I said - I like to take a "Hands On" approach to Print purchases.

So, when you've got your photo selected, Contact me directly to place your order. Send me the photo you'd like as a print, along with the size you'D like to Purchase. 

Check out my Contact Page for info on how to get in touch.

Step Four: Sit Back and Wait for Delivery!

Step Five (Optional): Share a photo of your print on Instagram and Tag @mikebarrphotography!